Anita Erba - Israeli painter

קבלת פנים בטוניס

Anita Erba - Israeli painter.
An Israeli artist who presents her works in Israel and around the world.

The series of paintings by the Israeli painter Anita Arba "Roots Journey to Tunis" made headlines in 1995 with the personal invitation of Tunisian President Ben Ali, Anita presented an exhibition in Tunis at the Royal Gallery and was highly honored.

At an international press conference, Anita gave President Tunis one of her works and gained international recognition, wide media exposure and much sympathy.

Anita, a member of the Bokobza family, chose to perpetuate through art her family's heritage on the cultural customs and lifestyle of the Jewish community in Tunis.

Anita was awarded - in an official ceremony - a certificate of appreciation from the "Amit" Association - an association for the heritage of North African Jewry.

Anita won the Selected Artist Award for 1999 and was sent to Paris, where she contacted the Jewish community and was invited to exhibit her work - at the Turini Gallery in Paris (next to the Picasso Gallery).

She was also invited to present her works at a Hanukkah party where all the heads of the Jewish communities in France and in the presence of the French Minister of Health were invited.

Anita was invited to present her work at an international exhibition in Nice, France, where Anita represents Israel, and won the trophy and medal.

The book "la Cité", published in Paris, New York and Barcelona, wrote five pages about her artistic activity.

On the occasion of the 75th anniversary of the founding of Netanya, a "House of the Well" is being held [Museum of Heritage
Netanya] The "Story of Settlement" exhibition in which Anita documents the story of Netanya at the beginning of this exhibition is attended by school students to learn about settlement.

In the summer of 2003 Anita is invited to an exhibition in France in the city of Auvers

Anita undertakes a project in collaboration with the Netanya Artists Association and the director of education at the "Artistic Morning" municipality, where artists come to schools, present an exhibition and create with the students each artist in the field of his work in order to create a direct connection between artist and youth.

In September 2004, Anita curated the exhibition "Walls and Artists", Arab and Jewish artists who create in rare collaboration - while looking for a way to personal expression and coexistence.

As part of receiving the Mayor's Award, Anita goes out to an exhibition called "platoon Five"

Which is entirely dedicated to the Levinstein House in Raanana, which treats the disabled and victims of road accidents
[platoon Five named after the fifth floor of the Levinstein House which is the Head Injury Department].

[Evening Passover 21.4.05 Anita's husband was seriously injured in a car accident and was hospitalized at the Levinstein House] Following the experience, Anita created a series of works that were displayed in the gallery on the cliff.

רועה צאן
מציירת בחול

In the summer of 2005, before the disengagement from Gush Katif begins, Anita goes to Gush Katif voluntarily to hold a workshop for the children of the bloc on the subject of "drawing the pain" to help children deal with the trauma of the disengagement through art.

In the summer of 2006, Anita initiates and produces an exhibition "Drawing and Remembering" as a tribute to the greatest Hebrew singers who have passed away [Uzi Hitman Ehud Manor Shoshana Damari and more ..] As part of the exhibition, which was attended by artists and schoolchildren, a huge white cloth was laid out in the town square and the residents of the town were invited to write and paint for the great singers.

In 2006, immediately after the Second Lebanon War, the artist Anita Arba, in collaboration with the Jewish National Fund, initiated a rehabilitation project Birya Forest, burned in the war, Anita gathers a group of artists They put up an exhibition among the trees of the burned forest for the benefit of the visitors and at the same time the artists paint the forest and the paintings are harnessed for the benefit
The Jewish National Fund for the Restoration of Burnt Trees.

In November 2006 Anita is invited to the city of Nice in France to participate in a national exhibition in which artists from all over the world take part. In this exhibition Anita wins a trophy and a diplome of honor.

In January 2008, as part of the Women's Empowerment Program, the artist is invited to lecture and present the works "Women and Fantasy" for the benefit of the women's audience.
In 2013-2015 she participates in volunteering to promote art for the benefit of enrichment centers and the younger generation.

In 2015 a group of artists is united under the umbrella of volunteering at the Apollonia Park and called Apollonia artists, Anita part of the group volunteers at the Apollonia National Park in Herzliya holds an artistic collaboration between various artists and the National Park critics, in full cooperation with the Nature and Parks Authority.

In 2015, a series of paintings "Passions" created following the book of poems by the poet Moti Danos is displayed in Caesarea
In 2017, Anita participates in a group exhibition "Fifty Years of the Liberation of Jerusalem" at the American Zionist House.

When the country celebrated 70 years Anita participated in a group exhibition & "70 for Israeli Art" The exhibition was displayed in a gallery in Israel and was honored to be exhibited in Portugal in the city.

Castelo de Vida from the Anusim towns of Portugal. The exhibition was presented in a building that was once a church and today serves as a cultural center under the auspices of the responsible mayor Mr. Corlino. The exhibition then traveled and was displayed in Jewish centers throughout Portugal for the entire 2018-2019 year.

From 1999 to 2020, Anita establishes a center for art studies that has operated for over twenty years with the aim of creating a living and vibrant cultural center that will attract artists and art connoisseurs.
The school and studio that Anita establishes hosts every person who loves art and loves culture, there is a lively activity of students from all shades of the social spectrum.
Anita also established an excellence project for children and youth at the Art Center.